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Discovering the first strand of grey hair shoots up a thousand emotions of fear and pain in a gush. It shatters the heart to see your lusty lock beginning to lose its charm and if it happens in your twenties the tremor knows no bounds.

It seems like the time of youth and zeal is approaching its end and what’s done cannot be undone now. The mind is baffled by a multitude of thoughts, whether to hit the salon, get the hair coloured or try some medications.

Why hair turns grey?
Hair goes grey when the colour-producing cells in our body stop producing the required amount of melanin. Some of the common culprits are:

Poor nutrition
Genetic tendency
Changes in hormones
Using the wrong hair products.

A number of diseases like sinus infections, disorders of the thyroid and chronic colds can also cause the hair to grey prematurely.

Curry Leaves for Grey Hair
Thankfully there are some very effective home remedies not known to many. Our very homey curry leaves have the magic wand of turning grey hair black. Our grandma’s were so right; the key to health and beauty lies in the kitchen.
Curry leaves are one of the extensively used secret formulae to uplift the aroma, flavour and look of any dish. But the hidden potential of this ingenious foliole makes it a highly valued item. Curry leaves are one of the best remedies to cure premature greying and retaining the lost pigment.

How it works?

Curry leaves moisturize the scalp and remove dead hair follicles.
Curry leaves are a great source of proteins and beta-carotene that prevents hair loss and thinning.
These amazing leaves also help to strengthen follicles and keep the hair healthy.

How to use curry leaves for youthful hair?
Curry leaf is a potent hair tonic that not only delays greying of hair but also protects the beautiful tresses from all its foes. It prevents hair fall, dandruff and itchy scalp. Curry leaves moisturize the scalp and encourage hair growth.
Let’s check out how to apply curry leaves to extract its optimum value:
Grab a bunch of curry leaves from your garden and rinse them well in water.
Crush the dried curry leaves until into small pieces to make a fine powder.
Boil some coconut oil and add the powdered curry leaves to it.
Boil the fuse till powder turn black and allow it to cool at room temperature.

To get best results apply the oil at least twice a week and see your hair shaft become intensely dark and shiny. Consuming curry juice can also help in preventing the hair from greying.

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