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Ayurveda is an age-old practice of treating people according to the texts mentioned in the Vedas of ancient India. This ancient science of medicine is highly effective and more precise in diagnosing and curing all sorts of diseases. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine can cure even the highly complicated diseases naturally without causing any side-effect.

The Ayurvedic practitioners also called as vaidyas possesses a thorough Ayurvedic knowledge and their treatment involves the complete well being of a person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should schedule your appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor @AyurCentral

1.Ayurvedic doctors have an extensive knowledge

Unlike modern medicine, diagnosing the disease and addressing the symptoms is not enough in Ayurveda. An Ayurvedic practitioner not only examines your body, but also takes into account all the aspects of the your life which help them identify the underlying cause of any disorder. This holistic approach not only cures the diseases from its roots but also prevents recurrence of the same.

2.Better diagnosis through Nadi Pariksha

Ayurvedic doctors apply pulse diagnosis which is a more accurate way to ascertain the physiology and imbalances in a person. This examination is highly comprehensive and signifies the high understanding that Ayurveda has about the body.

3.Tailor made solutions
Ayurvedic approach to treatment is personalized considering all the virtues of a patient’s life and the practitioner prescribes medicine according to the patient’s constitution.

4.Safe Medications
With Ayurvedic medicines there is an assurance of the safety as these herbal and herbo mineral formulations when taken as prescribed do not cause any side-effect unlike the synthetic medicines.

5.Lifestyle and Dietary corrections

Ayurveda emphasizes on living a balanced life. It stresses the importance of proper diet, adequate sleep and altering the simple lifestyle habits that might be hampering your health.

6.Ayurvedic medicines are good for the gut

Unlike antibiotics,NSAIDs and other chemical entities , Ayurvedic medicines are good for the gut.

7.It’s not always the pills that cures

The Ayurvedic practitioner has a wide array of treatments and therapies at his/her disposal. Practitioners may include a variety of treatments including herbs and herbal formulas, panchakarma, diet and nutrition.

8.Plethora of home remedies

Ayurvedic doctors have an expertise for home remedies for many common health problems.

9.Offers easy precautions
Ayurvedic doctors not only specialize in treating a disease but also offer potential help in preventing it. Consuming certain food items, practicing yoga, living a holistic life, shields the body from many diseases.

10.Ayurveda aids where others fail

Ayurveda offers natural solutions to many problems which do not have a complete cure in other lines of treatment. Be it complicated issues like chronic pain, stress, cardiac problems or metabolic problems like IBS, Obesity etc., Ayurveda offers effective cure for all.

Healthy living is a choice that we need to make. Knowing the right way to take care of the body and mind helps in avoiding many ailments of the body. Adopt Ayurveda to live well and long and visit your nearby AyurCentral once in a while !


Dr. Brahmananda Nayak, Medical Director, AyurCentral

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