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Health is wealth! The rising cost of healthcare facilities just justifies this statement with utmost precision. Our body is the abode where the soul resides and our mind is the garden where the buds of happiness blossoms. So, to enjoy the best of both worlds it is essential to take care of the mind and the body.
To ensure healthy existence we need to keep a check on all the good and bad things happening internally and externally. Good diet, regular workout, disciplined lifestyle, blissful sleep, connect to self, loved ones and nature and emotional balance are the steps that take us to the peak of a happy life.
Here we have assembled 16 effective factors to watch for healthy mind and body:

Watch your eyes
Clean, sparkling eyes are indicators of good health. Look closely into the eyes, pull the upper and lower eyelids and check for quality and quantity of blood.

Check your tongue
According to Ayurveda, the roots of all diseases are planted in the stomach. Any trouble in the stomach is reflected in the tongue by a change in taste, aversion towards food items, bitterness of mouth or loss of appetite.

Inspect your hunger
Feeling hunger at right time is an indicator of good digestion and metabolism. Taking food in right time, right quantity and right nutritive proportion are very basic to a healthy life.

Look at your digestion
Proper digestion of food indicates the proper functioning of all the internal organs.

Track your bowel movement
If you really want to know if all is well then check your poop closely. An effortless, relieved session of pooping everyday is what speaks of good health.

Watch out your workout session
Indulging in any form of physical activity keeps the body moving and blood circulation regularized. Regular exercising poses a blessing for each and every part of the body.

Check your immunity
Immunity is the body’s natural defense mechanism. A good immune system protects the body from many ails.

Watch your heartbeat
A rhythmic heartbeat sings the tune of good health.

Watch your weight
A proportionate BMI index keeps you away from many health hazards. Overweight and obesity are two of main culprits of many disorders.

Watch your skin
Skin speaks more than just beauty. Everything you see on the exterior is a reflection of everything that goes on in the interior.

Watch your stress
Stress opens the doors to its allies like depression, mood swings, irritation, hyper-reactive, sleeplessness and other health hazards.

Watch your sleep
A blissful sleep is a key to healthy relaxed life.

Watch your happiness
Being happy is much more than just a mental state. It releases many hormones that encourage healthy living and heals bodily ails.

Watch your urges
The body and mind have some natural urges that we must attend to ensure satisfaction and happiness in life.

Watch your mind
Mind is the garden where the seeds of future are sown. Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts and see how things turn out to be a blessing for you.

Watch your movement
Swift painless movements say about the health of muscles, joints and limbs. Keeping them lubricated and providing essential nutrients ensures healthy movements.


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