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Worried about your child’s health?

Here is what pediatricians across the globe are recommending for the health and immunity of your little one

By Dr.Shree raksha

  • Medical practitioners recommend breastfeeding your child for at least a year. This is because of the presence of turbo-charged immunity-enhancing elements and white blood cells in breast milk.
  • Kids don’t learn by listening but by imitating. Show them your exercise moves and let them groove along with you.
  • Fruits and veggies are the secrets to good health and proper growth. Focus on your child’s diet and follow the traditional Indian way of nourishing the body with variety on the platter.
  • Sleep is the key that unlocks oodles of health benefits. Offer them the comfort of 10 to 12 hours of quality sleep to replug their energy levels and explore the world with newfangled zest.
  • Shield your child from the wraps of antibiotics. The quick fixes harm the body in unknown ways. With kids, it is always preferred to opt for natural ways of healing and let their immunity fight the diseases. Choosing Ayurveda is the best choice.
  • Give them the feel of grass rather than gadgets. Let your kids play outside, get drenched in the sunlight, and develop their faculties in the lap of nature. Don’t encourage the child to be captivated by the virtuality of technology rather teach them to breathe the reality of nature.
  • Chyawanaprash is revered as a completely natural supplement and immunity booster and doctors are prescribing it one spoon a day for all round development and strength of the kids.

You can get your pack of Chyawanprash (a variety of brands) from your nearest AyurCentral store and consult their in-house Ayurvedic doctor for a better understanding of the ideal methods of using Chyawanaprash for reaping a maximum bonanza.

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