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By Umesh Holamoge

What did my grandfather eat after all his meals? As a child, I used to rush for my meals just to get that tiny tangy goli that my grandfather always kept handy.

Many years later, I got to know that secret food that made him a magnet for kids. It was anardana that he took after every meal as a quick relief for flatulence, constipation, and nausea.

Improves the appetite in children and prevents digestive disorders which is why he often shared his dear possession with us. After a long hunt for the same taste, I got Brihatri Anardana Goli… Same texture, same taste, and is completely organic.

Apart from helping me with my system it also acts as a piece of a magnet for making people keep coming to me…!!

Brihatri Anardana Goli is easily accessible in any of the AyurCentral stores which are spread across the city. There are several other options for Ayurvedic pachak, but my loyalty is to Anardana as it reminds me of my childhood every time I pop a laddu in my mouth. 

Check out their stores today and let your friends know about the amazing collections available exclusively for Bangaloreans.!!!!

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