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Leisure Life and Success: A homemaker’s story

Leisure Life and Success: A homemaker’s story

By Neeraja Gangadhar

In a generation of busy life and ambitious dreams, I like to let loose. The rush, the ambitions, the ceaseless chase of money, and the careless splurging were never my cup of tea. I was a born philosopher who deeply believes life is a journey and we shall make every second count.

Somewhere from my granny’s stories and my mother’s infectiously happy attitude, this principle got imbibed in my character. I studied at my own pace, not to score or to impress but to learn about things and look at life from different angles. Being an introvert and a bibliophile I found my Zen in the house, sometimes in my own den or sometimes in my mother’s kitchen.

As the time came I embraced marriage and motherhood and the beautiful journey continued. I just had one question or rather condition for marriage I would live life at my own pace, with no pressure, no qualms. He said yes and we got hitched!

After marriage, my musician husband stayed engrossed with his passion and I explored all the talents that I had. Pursuing my interests and weaving my connections I tried to adapt to this new city that was now my abode.

But the pollution, dust, and dirt soon wreaked havoc on my skin. It not just stole my glow away but left me with rashes and scars. When my sister-in-law came to visit us, she saw the red patches on my barren skin and introduced me to Brihatri moisturizing lotion. She is a big fan of Ayurveda and yoga and is all set for this organic life and healthy living.

I tried Briharti moisturizing lotion as it was easily available at the AyurCentral store by my house and I loved the variations that they offered. After my first pack of the lotion, I knew why my sister-in-law was all in praise. It was non-greasy but hydrating and it made my skin glow with nature’s punch of nutrition.

After a few visits to the AyurCentral store and a few encounters with their in-store doctor, I was literally intrigued by the power of this ancient boon. Redirecting all my energies into this new-fangled interest, I now conduct sessions and classes on Ayurveda, ancient tales, natural solutions, home remedies, and counseling for a healthy lifestyle. My encounter with Ayurveda didn’t just change my skin but it altered my life altogether.

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