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Seeing the lustrous locks waning and thinning shatters the heart into a thousand pieces. The floor is covered with all the jewels that were once the pride of your beauty. The comb tangled with uprooted hair screams for some care.

The dust, dirt, pollution and harmful sun rays rip off the life of our beautiful tresses and the chemicals in the highly advertised products just worsens things for good. Armour your hair with the essential nutrients to fight and thrive against these harmful forces before it’s too late.

Here is a list of 20 awesome nutri-loaded foods that are potent of preventing hair loss

Carrots: Carrots stimulates hair growth, improves blood circulation, strengthens the hair, protects hair from external damages and prevents hair fall.

Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli and lettuces are an excellent source of vitamin A and Vitamin C that boost the formation of sebum.

Brown rice: Brown rice has the goodness of protein, vitamins and fiber which strengthens the hair and combats hair fall.

Walnuts: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E and copper walnuts protect the hair against damage from the sun and prevent hair loss.

Green peas: Green peas are loaded with all types of minerals and vitamins which help in maintaining healthy hair and controlling hair fall.

Lentils: Lentils are rich in folic acid that supplies the requisite amount of oxygen to the scalp and promotes hair growth and cell renewal.

Bell peppers: Bell peppers are potent in fighting hair loss. It nourishes the hair follicles by improving blood circulation and transfusion of oxygen into hair roots.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes prevents dull scalp and promotes growth and proper circulation of oxygen to the hair follicle.

Blueberries: Blueberries promotes hair growth, improves oxygen circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, and prevents hair breakage.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are loaded with protein, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and iron that make it a potent hair nourishment food.

Guava: Guava prevents hair from becoming brittle and breaking.

Green tea: Green tea keeps the scalp healthy. Washing off hair with green tea is beneficial for lustrous tresses.

Nuts: Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews and walnuts are enriched with many nutrients that caress dull hair and controls hair loss.

Oatmeal: It aids in preventing hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Spinach: Spinach is a magic food that works wonder for the locks. It is blessed with antioxidants and nutrients that promote hair growth.

Rosemary: Rosemary improves blood circulation in the scalp that enhances hair follicles, facilitates hair growth and protects against damage from free radical damage.

Apples: Apples are rich in antioxidants which combat free radicals damaging hair cells and prevents hair fall.

Oranges: Oranges helps in collagen synthesis, strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth, combats free radicals and lower hair loss.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have the power to prevent hair fall and nourish the hair owing to their proteins, lycopene, and vitamin C.

Eggs: Eggs just work wonders for the hair. It conditions the hair making them soft, silky, lustrous and strong.

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