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Not being able to remember dates, things, events and contexts is really frustrating. Short-term memory loss, which is usually a pot of jokes, is actually a more severe condition that needs to be addressed.

Before drifting to the memory boosting pills here are some of the natural techniques and remedies that you might like to try.


Diet plays a crucial role in boosting memory power and maintaining brain health. Eating the right food in adequate amount supplies the brain with all necessary nutrients and antioxidants. Including a lot of green veggies, fruits, nuts and beans is essential to boost memory power.

Eat Blueberries

The sweet blueberries are the powerhouse of phytochemicals that function as potent natural antioxidants which promotes memory.

Munch on Carrots

Carrots are packed with carotene, a natural memory booster. Carrots are also good for the eyes which boost the pictorial memory of a person.


Apples contain quercetin which is effective in protecting the brain cells from the oxidative damage.


The yellow spice contains curcumin that helps in preventing oxidation, inflammation and clogging of neural pathways within the brain.


Ginger is the mother of all spices! This versatile food is used for ages to treat memory loss and its related conditions.

Pay attention

Lack of attention or absent mindedness is one of the main reasons why we forget things. Being alert and vigilant help in remembering things.

Control Stress

A stressed mind is blocked with many thoughts which leave no room for new information. Stress also blocks and slows down the activity of neurons.


Meditation is very effective in reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and building concentration power. It calms the mind and stimulates the signals to the brain cells making them more active.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation makes us clumsy, forgetful and restless. Getting ample of rest and sleep gives the brain time to rejuvenate thereby preventing memory loss.


Physical activity increases blood circulation in the whole body, including the brain. This may help in sharpening our memory.

Stay Mentally Active

Mental activity is as important as physical activity. Indulge in reading good books, playing memory games and listening to good music. They relax the mind and prevent short term memory loss.


Organizing things makes it easier to remember. Having designated positions for particular things helps in getting them easily.

Maintain a diary

A written record or setting a reminder in the mobile help in reminding us things timely thus saving us from missing on big events.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rather than saving time, you may end up messing everything as it takes a toll on the cognitive performance and disrupts the short term memory.

Ginkgo biloba

It is one of the most popular herbal brain supplements.

Magnesium l-threonate

This herbal supplement helps magnesium enter the brain and improves short-term memory.

DHA supplement

It is an omega-3 essential fatty acid that’s a major building block of brain cells.

Avoid distractions

Any distraction divides the focus and concentration on the work which makes it difficult to memorize.

Give your brain some rest

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Small breaks and refreshing activities has an immense impact on improving memory power.

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