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A flawless skin- A Seamless Bond

A flawless skin- A Seamless Bond

By Suchitra Sachin

I had acne on my facial skin.  I felt ugly and isolated.  I envied all my friends who had flawless glowing skin.  Acne was making a deeply negative impact on my emotional health.  I lacked the confidence to speak to people.  I aspired to be a successful corporate businesswoman. 

However, these tiny obnoxious spots on my face were shattering my poise.  I had a negative feeling about myself and felt inferior as compared to my friends. 

I tried many beauty treatments and medicated ointments.  It didn’t affect the acne but increased my hopelessness.  In fact, any new beauty product aggravated the condition.  I could imagine my dream job parting from me due to my low self-esteem.  

One fine day, my grandmother told me that Ayurveda can illustrate unbelievable effects on the skin as it uproots disease rather than giving symptomatic relief.  Additionally, prescribed dosages, it is free from side effects.  

The minute you think of Ayurveda, it has to be AyurCentral- the most trusted place for Ayurvedic remedies.  I consulted an Ayurvedic doctor at AyurCentral the very next day.  

After examination, I was enlightened about the possible reasons behind my condition and given the required treatment.  The acne started reducing. I was back to life with zeal and enthusiasm.  

As youngsters, we believe that our grandparents have aged and cannot match our thinking.  However, this small suggestion given by my grandmother opened my eyes. 

Ayurveda not only treated my acne but rejuvenated the timeless bond between my grandmother and me.

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