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A girl in the call center

A girl in the call center

By Priyadarshini Nadkarni

Young, rebellious, and fiercely independent at 22, I completed my graduation in B.E. (I.T). Cracked my campus interview but did not get my call until 8 months after college. We all know how it works in I.T.

Bangalore is high in costs and so is my ego. How can I ask for money after graduating? Going through another IT interview was too much of a task and anyway I had a job in hand. So very conveniently I targeted a BPO job. 10,000 in hand, no bond and free transportation, and free dinner! Sounded great a deal to my 22 years old brain. 

Cracked the very first interview and joined the bandwagon of the night-watchers. I slept all day and worked through the night. My sales were great, incentives alluring. But little did I know what I was paying.

My back was bad, my body was tired, and my head was dizzy and mentally stressed. Soon I found myself in one of the hospitals lying on a yellowish sheet with dripping saline. It’s then I knew I had to take the call. 

I booked my appointment at AyurCentral and vowed to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. My Circadian Rhythm was disturbed and so was my body. The doctor guided me in correcting my sleep and diet. He gave me rasayanas that soon revitalized and re-energized my body.

If you too are going through sleepless nights maybe it’s time you book your appointment. 

AyurCentral is your hub for good health.

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