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A sweet Ayurvedic treat for our chest – Brihatri sithophaladi churna | TESTIMONIAL

By Rajakumar Ratnaparkhe

Respiratory problems such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chronic cough, and cold are increasingly common as pollution levels are on a rise in most Indian cities. Since childhood, I had suffered from respiratory congestion and bronchitis. I often woke up to hard breathing and a racing heartbeat that made me feel like death waiting down the door. I sat up wheezing, panicked as I struggled to breathe.

When I went for my annual medical check-up a couple of years ago, I told my doctor I suffered frequent respiratory congestions and bronchitis, despite a healthy diet and routine life.  “Is there something I can take?” It was then she suggested I try something herbal. She told me that I can use sithophaladi churna but insisted I visit an ayurvedic doctor for the prescribed medicine. 

On her referral, I visited an ayurvedic practitioner at the AyurCentral store who prescribed Brihatri Sithophaladi Churna and Kasa Sudha kalpam with guaranteed results. He patiently explained the use and Gunas of the medicine. He said Brihatri Sithophaladi churna for allergic cough is a common remedy, but more commonly than not Sithophaladi churna is used for chest congestion. Because of the sweet taste of the mixture and the fact that it is made of common household ingredients, it can be used for infants as well. The sweet natural taste can mask the bitter taste of most over-the-counter medications. In addition to that, it even helps soothe digestive issues.

A casual consultation during a regular check-up gifted me the blessings of health and joy.

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