About Us


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the great gifts of the sages of ancient India to mankind. It is one of the oldest scientific medical systems in the world, with a long record of clinical experience…

What is AyurCentral?

AyurCentral is first of its kind unique concept in Ayurvedic healthcare industry in creating multiple clinic chain along with the full fledged premium Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Why visit AyurCentral?

To buy authentic Ayurvedic medicines from reputed manufacturers. To get huge collection of herbal cosmetics and wellness products of your choice. To experience a healthy shopping.


The Difference Maker- The Idea of AyurCentral

It’s been sixteen years since AyurCentral came into existence. A perception analysis of over 5000 patients, conducted a decade ago, across the city of Bangalore, accelerated our growth. The survey became more than an eye opener. We learned that there was lack of awareness about Ayurveda, lack of knowledge about when to approach an Ayurvedic doctor, ignorance about where to go to consult with an Ayurvedic doctor.

The remarkable truth that emerged from this survey was the growing interest among the public towards herbal cosmetics. The society at large was becoming more health conscious, thanks to the increase in the spending power and more awareness on preventive healthcare and medicines. Added to this, the perception towards allopathy shifted to an unprecedented low level which was largely due to the side effects of this medicine and limitations of allopathic doctors.

The First Step

Armed with such intrinsic and valuable data and strengthened by the growing market for Ayurveda and the number of doctors who graduated in Ayurveda, we started our first store in RT Nagar, Bangalore in 2004. The response exceeded our expectation. The tremendous success prompted us to open two more stores in Marathalli and Jayanagar. We realized the potential of our business and the value we added to each and every patient who walked in either for consultation or for medicines.

The Franchisee Model

In order to reach out to more people and spread the goodness of Ayurveda, we envisaged the plan of opening a store in every locality across the city of Bangalore. An idea, we were sure, would take the benefits of this rich tradition to the needy and provide healthier and side effects free alternative.

This is how the franchisee model evolved in January 2013.


The Vision
The Mission
It is our unwavering dream to become the numerouno multi-brand ayurvedic chain of stores across the state of Karnataka. It is our dream and passion to take AyurCentral a neighbourhood ayurvedic store that treats illness and assures sustained wellness. We wish to be the primary choice of customers for their holistic health, personal care and wellness needs by constantly understanding and beyond the expectations of customers and also we seek to develop our core businesses of pharmacy-led health and beauty retailing and pharmaceutical wholesaling across India and become a significant player in the domain of Ayurveda, ultimately transforming traditional healthcare practices in India.


To set up 150 outlets across Karnataka IN 2 YEARS

  • To serve one million patients through 500 doctors appointed at our stores.
  • To establish a strong network in nook and corner of Karnataka through our distribution channel that centralises purchase and catering needs daily.
  • To empower the doctors with regular training and CME programmes.
  • To hold marketing and brand awareness programmes every month to help salesmen at the stores to operate efficiently.
The Store

Governed by a group of stalwarts as board of directors and an army of accomplished managers, AyurCentral a private limited company, headquartered in Malleshwaram, Bangalore, has been giving the best of healthcare to the people of Bangalore.

The fact that this unique concept was nurtured, given a definite shape and launched by a group of Ayurvedic doctors and seasoned marketing professionals, makes it more effective.

 The Achievement

We are indeed proud of the fact that within 24 months 31 stores were opened in Bangalore and all the stores are operating successfully.

We also won the Frost & Sullivan award at the 7th Annual, India HealthCare Excellence Awards 2015

The Success Story

It is heartening to account that twenty people are ready to invest as new franchisees. What’s more, a few existing franchisees have expressed their interest to add more shops. It proves beyond doubt how this model of business has been working, with the help of professionally trained doctors and sales assistants at these stores.


It is our unwavering dream to become the numero uno multi-brand Ayurvedic chain of stores across the state of Karnataka and subsequently pan India.
Consultation through well experienced Ayurvedic Vaidyas.
Dealing with over 10,000 varieties of Ayurvedic Medicines.