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Are software engineers more prone to headaches?


Rediff report says software engineers are more prone to frequent headaches because of the nature of their job and the lifestyle they opt for. With long hours in front of the computer and ever-increasing stress and strain, more and more IT professionals succumb to the tyranny of headaches.

Sitting on their rolling chair with eyes glued to the screen and stressing to meet the wayward deadlines, toiling throughout the week counting the days. 

The weekend starts with #FridayDoneright at the pub with beer, music, and an outburst of frustration pretty much sums up an average software engineer’s life. 

This cycle goes on for months and years and compromised sleep, undue stress, red eyes, and frequent headaches all get a tick on your health problem list. 

While quitting the job won’t be a viable option but equipping myself with the right tools is surely possible. A little consciousness on the food along with a religious yoga routine and RESTOIL scalp massage is enough to keep the headaches at bay. 

Enjoy life beyond the closed cubicles of your office and the dance floor of the pub!!! Rejuvenate, revitalize and live to the fullest every day with Ayurveda.

For further guidance and better treatment, feel free to contact AyurCentral CLINICS. 

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