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Are you listening to your stomach?

Are you listening to your stomach?

By Sukanya Shetty

Gastric and indigestion are often seen as petite issues often cured by an antacid at hand. But this shocking revelation made me throw all the pills away.

Indigestion is the major cause of all chronic and fatal diseases from diabetes to cardiac to even cancer. And by popping the pills we just aid a temporary solution thereby opening the routes for major harm to our body.

My husband had severe gastric issues; indigestion, acidity, and heartburn were everyday episodes. Blame him for his occasional drinks or his love for spicy junkies but his tummy often went haywire. Some days he would spend hours in the bathroom while the other days he would just refuse to eat anything.

I knew I had to take the call. After much research and contemplation, I zeroed in AyurCentral for a holistic Ayurvedic treatment to correct his gastric disorders. Convincing my husband of Ayurveda was a tough job but after many attempts, I finally drove him to our nearest store.

The doctor at AyurCentral looked into the complete history of his health and tailored an easy and effective way of bringing back his lost health. Much to his astonishment, the session was nothing about twisting the body or throwing off everything delicious from the plate.

A little regularity in his diet, how to drink water, why to drink buttermilk, when to eat, how to chew, when to sleep, what to avoid and AyurCentral’s Aloe vera juice was all that the doctor recommended. After 3 months of this religious routine today, there is no trace of gastric disturbing his routine.

Check out the store today and experience a culture of health and happiness at AyurCentral.

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