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Ashwagandha for stress

Ashwagandha for stress

By Dr. Manoj Samantaray


A famed Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León set sail to seek out the fabled “Fountain of Youth.” He believed that in some mystic land there exists the mystical water that could cure a man of all his ailments and keep him young forever if he simply sipped a splash of its crystal-clear deluge.

Ponce de León and his crew traveled through the highlands and plains and oceans galore. His search finally came to bear fruit when he touched the shores of the magical land.  In the Vedic treasures of India, he found answers to his prayers. It was no water or fountain, but the miraculous leaves of the humble herb waiting to be discovered by a brave and adventurous soul seeking it out for the benefit of humanity.

He found the life-extending “miracle” herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Ashwagandha tablet is the most comprehensive healing substance known to man and this is now backed by enough of scientific research and proof. 

The traditional Indian approach to healing involved using ashwagandha as a “Rasayana.”  Ashwagandha’s many benefits include its aphrodisiac,  stimulant, thermogenic, and tonic properties. It also has the benefits of its adaptogenic nature. 

Adaptogens, in case you weren’t aware, are herbs that modulate the body’s stress response, adjusting hormones and other substances either up or down depending on what the body needs.

Ashwagandha is also powerfully rejuvenating, helping to energize the body, strengthen immunity, and balance hormone levels. All of these have the effect of making a person look and feel younger.

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