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The science of medicine- Ayurveda that originated in ancient India has a huge treasure of knowledge about the eating habits for staying hale and hearty. As per the ancient Ayurvedic literature, our eating habits, diet and lifestyle affect the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) which are the foundational concept of Ayurveda. It is essential to strike a balance amongst these energetic forces of nature to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

The curd is considered to be one of the very healthy dairy products. It is a probiotic that is rich in proteins, calcium and other minerals thereby making it good for bones and teeth. It has astonishing health benefits when consumed in the right manner. It is good for the gut and moisturizes the skin as well. It helps in boosting the immune system, improves the digestion and contributes to weight loss. Sour curd when added to a soup of green gram, ghee, amla, sugar, and honey, helps in easing indigestion and the difficulty in urination (dysuria). However, according to Ayurveda, one should not have curd at night.

Why should the consumption of curd be avoided at night time?

The curd is heavy to digest.  It is also hot in potency.  Therefore, when consumed at night, it may interfere with your sleep as extra energy is required for its digestion.  It also triggers the secretion of mucus making the condition adverse for individuals suffering from asthma.

As per the Ayurveda, curd pacifies vata, but increases kapha and pitta dosha. During the night, the Kapha Dosha upsurges. Thus, if the curd is consumed during the night, the effect of Kapha Dosha is augmented. Additionally, consumption of curd at night may also cause an imbalance in the Pitta Dosha.

Imbalance in the Kapha and Pitta Dosha may lead to several health issues such as:

Skin related disorders
Congestion in sinuses
Cold and cough
Inflammation and swelling
Low libido
Stiffness in joints
Muscle spasms

Curd lovers- satiate your cravings!

In case you cannot refrain yourself from eating curd at night, you can eat it only after adding a pinch of black pepper and rock salt. In some cases, fenugreek powder can be added if you can bear the slightly bitter tinge of the powder. Stomach cramps can be alleviated by adding the fenugreek powder to curd. Other options such as ghee, amla, and honey can also be added to curd when you consume it at night. Alternatively, you can substitute curd by buttermilk. It will help in clearing the mucus secretions.

The bottom line of the story is to consume curd in the right manner and at the right time. Appropriate use of curd can give you remarkable health and a glowing skin.

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