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postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a real thing! Though depression and mental health are not given its due importance but the magnum of the issue is not ignorable. Depression is a scary state of mind which could hardly be explained in words. It is a dark and cold space where the heart is filled with disparity, things seem hazy and doubtful.

Though many new mothers enjoy this hunky dory phase of their life, a few may experience an emotional trauma. Childbirth is a transformational phase in a woman’s life. The drastic changes that come along may not be easy to adjust for some. Too many emotions related to change, uncertainty, exhaustion, depletion, fear, anxiety may create havoc.

Though it is rare, but some new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. Ayurveda acknowledged this side of a woman and formulated some amazing techniques to help her win over this tough time.

Seek love and support of close ones

Friends and family do play an important role in our lives. While in depression it is very important to talk about your feelings and share your agony. No matter how dumb your insecurities may sound but speaking it out does make your heart feel light. Your near and dear ones know you and they can resonate with your feelings well. A hand of solace is all you need to dive through this tough time.

Concentrate on your diet

Delivery is a tough time and your body goes through a huge dimension of expansion, shrinkage and pain. The body needs rest and healing from within. Try eating light easy digestible food that won’t pressure your system more and also keep you feeling light and healthy. Include warm, nutritious small meals complemented with soups, ginger tea and lots of juices.

Pamper yourself with relaxing massage

A full body massage makes you feel pampered and loved which is essential to combat depression. An ayurvedic oil massage relieves muscle spasms and detoxifies the body. Massaging the body also improves blood circulation and relaxes stress hormones thereby making you feel good.

Compensate your sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major reasons of depression. It increases stress, anxiety and keeps you in a bad mood. Sleep is vital to the body and the mind. Give your body the time to relax and rejuvenate with some quality sleep.

Indulge in fun activities

Don’t stop doing what you love to do. Go out in the fresh air, suck in some fresh sunlight and spend quality time with loved ones. Do some light yoga with expert guidance or continue a regular meditation regime. It will make you feel blissful and abundant with all the gifts from nature.

Don’t overthink

Future is uncertain for all of us. There is no point pondering upon what’s behind the closed doors. All we can do is embrace the moments we are in and have faith that everything will turn out to be best!

Motherhood is a precious blessing, enjoy the glory, give some time, be lenient on yourself and things will turn out to be fairly awesome!

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