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A woman’s body go through drastic transformations in every phase of life be it puberty, motherhood or menopause. As such, her body demands special care to sustain these radical metamorphisms.
Ayurveda is the ancient treasure trove of herbal science that uplifts the quality of life, heals diseases and keeps the body healthy. Ayurveda is the most efficacious encyclopaedia when it comes to women’s health. From mystic herbs to alluring therapies Ayurveda not only keeps the system healthy but also helps women maintain their beauty and glamour for eternity.

The solution to every problem in a women’s life can be found in the tattered pages of Ayurvedic scripts be it maintaining a healthy relation or just fighting stubborn acne. Ayurveda talks openly about various women problems and their simple solutions. It describes the use of unique herbs and medicinal plants and their compound formulations to fight anything and everything from grey hair to cancer.

Ayurveda for Your Beauty

Ayurvedic remedies and beauty hacks are widely popular today. It offers amazing concoctions and natural blends to fight acne, blemishes, tan and aging of the skin. Its marvellous oil and natural remedies are a rage for healthy lustrous hair. The time-tested weight control methods have helped many women attain their desired body. Ayurveda further recommends dietary modifications that complement the treatment.

Ayurveda for pregnancy

The failed attempts of conceiving is definitely a pain but even pregnancy is not all blues and blissful. Be it infertility, the symptoms of pregnancy, pre partum difficulties or post-partum disasters, Ayurveda caresses each problem correcting it from the very source of origin. The amazing Ayurvedic massages, herbal concoctions, nutritious diet … all work together to soothe the issue and offer desired results.

Ayurveda for menstrual problem

Though menstruating is considered a taboo even in today’s society, our ancestors were pretty cool discussing it and its related problems. About 5000 years ago our sages understood the woes related to menstruation, the pain, cramps, tender breasts, bloating, nausea, heavy bleeding, irregular periods and several other problems related to this. Ayurveda also lays emphasis on the importance of smooth transition of menopause combating all the symptoms and hormonal surge of the body.

Ayurveda for women’s health

A woman’s health is more susceptible to several diseases because of the anatomy and the added responsibilities of the body. Calcium and iron deficiency, pain in the bones, osteoporosis, increased risk of certain types of cancer, and the high risk of many severe diseases makes it very important for women in every walk to pay heed to their body in time. Ayurveda offers well drafted health solutions that are not only highly effective but also easy to accommodate in the tight schedule of their daily life. Starting the day with a few minutes of zen with meditation and yoga, a healthy breakfast, with lots of fruits and vegetables and amazing concoctions of marvelous herbs and plants Ayurveda uplifts the quality of life in all aspects.

So, whether you are in your teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or in the later ages of life Ayurveda is sure to enrich your life and fill it with abundance of health, beauty, positivity and spirit.

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