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When the body ceases to move and the mind forlornly submits to the tyranny of the evil pain, life gets clutched in anguish making you mercilessly slavish. As the demon feast upon your soul, all you can do is just condole. It’s an epic battle giving you restless nights with the pain and torment leaving you in plight.

Whether it’s the pain in your neck, back, or shoulders or a constant throbbing sensation from a repetitive stress injury, fibromyalgia, migraines, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis etc., making your way out is the only thing that clogs the mind and soul. Though popping the painkillers give temporary relief but the harm they cause has a permanent effect. The best way to beat the pain is to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner @ AyurCentral and let nature work against the misery caused by the evil monster.

Ayurveda not just soothes the pain but it holistically works on the body and mind to improve immunity, relieve stress and heal the body completely. If you are , not yet convinced to pick up the phone and schedule your appointment, here we have assembled a few reasons why visiting an Ayurvedic doctor @ AyurCentral is worth a shot.

Looking beyond the outward pain

The Ayurvedic approach to pain management is a holistic one. While treating chronic pain, a doctor is well equipped to see through the layers and discover the underlying source.

Eradicate the pain from its source

An Ayurvedic doctor spots the cause of the pain and treats the main issue, thereby bidding its associates bye for good.

Personalized way of treatment

Since each body is different and every one of them demands unique care, an Ayurvedic expert shall program a tailor-made treatment plan according to the body type, lifestyle and other personal details of the patient. The treatment plan that may work marvellously for one patient may have no effect on another. So, an Ayurvedic doctor is the best person to guide you through the pain.

A combination of therapies

An Ayurvedic doctor focuses on restoring physical balance by using nutrition, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises in addition to herbal medicines and panchakarma therapies. Ayurvedic approach to treating chronic pain involves a combination of many therapies.


In Ayurvedic tradition, regular oil massage is a great way of soothing the pain. Applying the herbal oil not only relieve joint and muscle stiffness,but also increase the circulation and relax the body.


The Ayurvedic [email protected] AyurCentral not only prescribes medicine but also helps in forming the proper diet chart according to the body type of the patient.

Gentle asana

Gentle stretching and yoga postures help to relieve the stiffness and ease the pain. It moves the stagnant toxins by mobilizing blood, lymph, and synovial fluid.


Aromatherapy involves using essential oils to soothe the pain and relax the body. It increases blood flow to muscles and creates warmth offering temporary painkilling effects.

Herbs and herbal remedies

The Ayurvedic doctor @ AyurCentral prescribes effective rasayanas and herbal / herbo-mineral formulations to take away the pain gently and easing the movement of the body.

So next time chronic pain knocks your door, rush to your trusted Ayurvedic doctor @ AyurCentral.

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Dr. Brahmananda Nayak, Medical Director, AyurCentral

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