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Ayurvedic treatment for Anxiety neurosis

Ayurvedic treatment for Anxiety neurosis

By Ashwini Shanbhag

The worst of my fears, the one that I never allowed my mind to linger on, stood on my face when my father got diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. He was everything that makes a man a hero, a caring husband, a doting father, the charmer, the giver, the joker, and the sailor of our family.

He never smoked, neither he drank; he lived pretty healthy to catch cancer. None of us could fathom the reasons or the conditions that led us to this unfortunate fate. The doctor said it could be the genes or just some other undiscovered reason, giving us just 6 months to fight the dreadful disease.

Months passed on a whim, with lots of tears and toil, medicines could not cure him and our prayers could not buy him any time. But to give him the strength we had to be strong, we had to put on that smile on our face so that our father could feel some joy in despise, he would remember the good times and maybe fight a little harder just to see us smile a little longer.

We could not save our father and that dragged us all into a bottomless pit of guilt and sadness. We were depressed and I started getting anxiety attacks, it was the most excruciating and dark phase of my 15-year-old life.

My condition just got worse and worst with every passing day as I just could not sink in the feeling of the blank space in my life. My mother who stood like a pillar took me to counsel and the Ayurvedic doctor treated me with therapy and mentace tablets. My anxiety was cured but the wound of losing my hero could never be healed!

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