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Bangaloreans just love their varieties

Bangaloreans just love their varieties

By Anitha Janardhan

The multi-ethnic heart of India, Bangalore has a place for everyone from every place. From northeast to west people who live in Bangalore can’t refrain from saying ‘Namma Bengaluru’. As diverse as its people, diverse is the choice in Bangalore.

Be it the varieties of dosa at every square, the variations of mangoes, the variety of dresses in the commercial street,s or the variable natural treasures of the garden city, Bangaloreans are always on the move for something new, something innovative, and something unique.

So, AyurCentral brings you unique combinations of your favorite Ayurvedic brands under one roof. With an in-house Ayurvedic Doctor and a wide variety of products be sure while you take a step towards your health.

AyurCentral has over 60 stores across the city. Spot your nearest store at the website and check out the awesome collection today.

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