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“The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two simple steps”
Doing less; and Being more.”
― Shubhra Krishan

Franchise Opportunity

To start your own Ayurvedic Pharmacy With AyurCentral

Low Investment | High ROI | Total Support Provided
Ayurveda ia a multi-billion-dollar global business opportunity. Ayurvedic medicine is highly sought after for its safe
and natural curative methods with no side effects.
AyurCentral is synonymous with ayurvedic medicine with AyurCentral branded stores in every locality in Bangalore.
Fast expanding within Bangalore, as well as in every town and city in Karnataka.
AyurCentral is the leading brand of Ayurvedic pharmacy.

Ayur Central makes you a proud owner of a unique, multi-brand Ayurvedic store which is among the fastest growing in the health care industry in India.

The investment needed to become a franchisee of Ayurved Central will be Approximately 15 lakhs.

The company will refer those in need of financial assistance to the preferential banking partner.

Around 250-500sqft on the ground floor with adequate parking place around the outlet is required.

Yes, You can definitely do it.

It is highly recommended to find a place or set up the shop on the Main road. Preferably a bus route, where the visibility is high and the moving public can easily spot the shop. The ideal location can also be a semi market area or near the areas well known landmark.

The company will train the people who are hired by the franchisee.

Publicity and promotional activities for individual shop should be borne by the franchisee. For example: Free Camps or Handbill distribution etc.

The company will refer an architect will give the plan and the cost depending on the area.

From the day the agreement is signed a 45 days waiting period is needed to commence operation.

The company will give the franchisees complete operations freedom and will not interfere in day-to-day functioning. The company will provide regular and strategic support to build brand awareness through different channels, provide training to doctors, salesforce and sales assistants. The company will assist in the process of Procurement and Supply of medicines to make this function hassle-free.

Ayur Central franchisee business has a proven track record of breaking even within 4-6 months from the date of opening.

The operational costs include: Rent for the premises if it is not your own. Salary for One Shop Manager, one Assistant, printing and stationary expenses and telephone with broad band connection.

No drug licence is required. And no qualified person is required to manage the outlet.

Yes you can. This is what makes our franchisee different. It is enough for you to have a good business acumen to take up this franchisee

The company highly recommends the practice of sending back the near expiry medicines without fail and before actual expiry date. Company will take back damaged and Non– moving Goods at cost price.

The company will take back all the stocks at cost price. Expiry goods WILL NOT BE taken back. The infrastructure, interiors and others will be at your disposal.

Ayur Central does not seek any royalty or share to be paid. The franchisees are entitled to the total profit.

To know more about our franchise opportunities,

please contact Mr. Heram Reddy