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What is Brahmi Muhurta?

‘Brahmi Muhurta’, is the time of early dawn precisely one and half hour before sun-rise which the sages claim to be an auspicious time for rising up in the morning. Brahmi Mahurta which translates to the time of Brahma is pristine, unpolluted, unblemished and it is the best time for meditation and prayers.

Waking up early and synchronizing one’s activities according to the rhythm of sun offers many benefits. A great frequency of energy fills up the space with hope, inspiration and peace at this time.

Benefits of Waking up in Brahmi Muhurta

Apart from the great view of sunrise and the cool breeze kissing good morning, there are zillion other perks of this morning regime.

Self Awareness

Brahmi Muhurta is the best time for attaining brahma gyan i.e. supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. When the mind is calm and the atmosphere is soothing good thoughts and incredible ideas come naturally.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Brahmi muhurta is the best time for the pursuit of knowledge. At this time, the mind is like a blank sheet of paper and is capable of absorbing knowledge much better than any other time of the day. It is also a great time for self-analysis and knowing your inner self which is essential to emerging as a winner in life.

Mental Fitness

During Brahmi muhurta, the environment is pure, calm and soothing and the mind is fresh. It gives one the window for relaxing stress and indulging in something that the person really enjoys, be it gardening, practicing yoga, meditation, walk or just cuddling with the pets.

Health Benefits

People who arise at this time will experience a vital drift in enhanced health, strength and spiritual lustre. The toxic, anxiety, vexation, negative impulses all are driven away they are generally more contempt and shows a positive attitude towards life.

Increased Productivity

People who follow the Brahmi muhurta regime are found to be more productive. It gives the body good energy boost to keep up with the hectic day. Also, early risers are reported to be more adept in taking better decisions, planning and achieving goals.


The oozing sun not only brings a ray of hope for a new day. The one who witnesses the rise of the sun is also blessed with many other health benefits.  Right from bone strengthening to anti-cancer the first rays of the sun is a boon in many ways.

Anti-aging effects

Tuning our biological clock to the rising and setting of the sun helps in controlling aging effects. It also delays the symptoms and health hazards related to aging.

Though the initial days of adapting to this new regime may seem hard, but once it becomes a habit it’s hard to go the other way. Also, if we observe the footsteps of the successful people, there is one thing in common for all; that’s their morning routine. They understood and respected this aspect of life and life in return gifted them with all they aspired for.

Dr. Girish, Physician, AyurCentral , Wilson garden, Bangalore

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