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Life is all about situations; funny, sweet, complicated or awkward and we all have been in the situation when our stomach decides to screw us with a havoc on our digestion and a trapped gas stuck in there.

The distress of the gases, the heartburn and the acid reflux can turn a gleeful event into a gloomy one. Though the market is flooded with all the instant relief aids but nothing beats the efficacy and goodness of the herbal remedies from our ancient books.

Ayurveda recommends the use of Hingwastaka churna to treat disorders related to the gastro intestinal tract and its related problems. It has been used for centuries as a household remedy to treat stomach ailments to maintain proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a panacea for indigestion and gas problem and works wonders in aiding eliminative functions like defecation, flatulence etc. As most diseases flourish from the problems in the stomach, keeping the digestive system healthy wards off many ailments.


Hingwastak Churna is an Ayurvedic mixture of very safe and easily available herbs. It is made by blending Hingu (asafoetida ) with auspicious herbs like dry ginger , black pepper, long pepper, rock salt, cumin, black cumin and ajwain.

Therapeutic indications

Abdominal pain
Dull tastebuds

Research on Hingwastaka Churna

Scientific research on Hingwastaka Churna clarifies its efficacy on digestive disorders and gastric woes while ensuring about the safety of this medicine. It has shown calming results in heartburn and indigestion. The patients reported Hingwastaka Churna not just helped relieve the stucked gases but also stopped the formation of gas by correcting the order of digestive system.

Benefits of Hingwastaka Churna

Hingwastaka Churna is highly effective in providing relief in gas, bloating, and spasms.
It improves metabolism.
It is widely used for improving appetite, digestion and assimilation.
It aids in downward movement and elimination of stool, flatus, urine and menses.
It helps in curing indigestion, constipation or loose motion and treating worms.

Dosage of Hingwastaka Churna

For best results it should be taken (3 gm) twice a day or as prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor. The general recommendation is taking Hingwastaka Churna by blending it with Ghee. It should be taken twice or thrice a day before meal.

Side effects of Hingwastaka Churna

There are no reported side effects of Hingwastaka Churna when taken as prescribed by the doctor.
An overdose of the medicine can cause irritation in the stomach.
For pregnant and lactating mothers it should be taken only after consulting an Ayurvedic practioner.

Where can you get it?

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