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BRIHATRI Jeera Goli Testimonial

BRIHATRI Jeera Goli Testimonial |  Thank you, mom!

By Arathi Krishnan

I usually don’t write product reviews but this one is really special.

I am a successful single woman working as a software engineer in a big IT company. Working in the private sector is a tolling task added to that was my zero experience in the cooking department which meant survival on outside food only.

Because of my unruly diet and oily food, I often leaned on the strip of tablets that I carried in my bag. The last weekend was no different! It was a Sunday so I redeemed my sleep and woke up at about 11 a.m. After getting freshened up, I went to the nearby Dosa shop and ordered a hefty breakfast.

I don’t know whether it was the dosa or the coffee but something did not go well down my stomach. I rushed back to my bedroom, shifted the pile of clothes dumped on the chair, and checked every little compartment of my purse for the tablets. But I could not find them there!

The stomach pain was getting intense with every passing minute. I went to the kitchen and fetched a few ice cubes and placed it all over my belly to get some relief. As I frantically continued my search for the tablets, and tablets by now, I saw the tightly packed bottle of Brihatri Jeera Goli that my mother gave me on her last visit.

I opened the seal and gulped down a goli. It was tasty but I was not sure of its efficacy. I went to my bedroom and lay straight holding the ice on my stomach. After a few seconds accompanied by a few burps, the pain eased and my bloating was gone!

The little humble bottle that has been sitting silently on my kitchen racks just saved my life. I realized how our mother always protect us even if we stay miles apart! 

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2 thoughts on “BRIHATRI Jeera Goli Testimonial |  Thank you, mom!

  1. I have Been using this product for about a year now. The flavor and the quality is amazing. I liked it because the composition helped to improve digestion and control gastric trouble

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