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Moisturising the skin is an essential beauty regime for every skin type at any age. It’s not just the dry skin or the winter days that need moisturizing but even the most oily, greasy skin and the hot summer days demand the nourishment of a moisturiser. It hydrates the skin from deep within and keeps it healthy and blissful.

Apart from gifting the boon of soft skin, moisturising the skin gracefully delays aging, reduces skin problems and conceals skin blemishes. It can protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. You might be amazed to know, moisturising also helps in controlling oily skin and acne problems. It acts as a layer of protection and using the right moisturizer keeps the skin healthy and glowy.

As simple as it sounds the actual trick lies in picking the right product and applying it in the right way. After checking on a number of body lotions, the search came to an end with the discovery of Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion. It contains green tea and Aloe vera extracts that moisturize the face and body and is designed to soothe all skin types.

Green tea is a great source of anti-oxidants and an excellent source of polyphenols that aids in maintaining the appearance of an optimum complexion. Packed with organic green tea, this moisturizing lotion will soothe and moisturize for a glowing, healthy complexion. It also tones and tightens the pores thereby, gifting an acne free skin. The supremely versatile Aloe vera in this lotion reveals smooth, supple skin by maintaining the moisture balance of the skin and promote a visibly vibrant appearance.

It can also be used as an after shave or wax lotion that calms the irritated skin, reduces redness and inflammation. Regular use of this moisturizer makes the skin soft and tender as that of a baby’s skin.

The BRIHATRI moisturizing lotion is very light in texture, and is perfectly suitable for all the seasons. It absorbs almost immediately and does not leave any residue on the skin. It is recommended for all skin types and is suitable for dull flaky skin as well as sensitive, acne-prone skin. This Ayurvedic lotion is completely safe and does not contain any parabens, dyes, petroleum or animal products.


Vadiraj Bharadwaj, Sr. Manager, Projects, AyurCentral

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