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Busting the bubble: Skincare myth

Busting the bubble: Skincare myth

By Radhika Bharath

Skincare is an essential routine for our skin to glow and grow healthy. However, many myths tagged along the route leaving the peeps with bewilderment about what to do and what not to do. So, today we are clearing the air and busting the myth about moisturizers in skincare.

Many may say that moisturizer is not for oily skin but that’s a big lie. Moisturizing is essential for every skin type as it not just hydrates the skin but also caresses multiple factors of skin health. Apart from delaying the signs of aging on your skin, it also protects the skin from bacteria and dust, sun rays, and infections.

However, the trick lies in picking the right product to work well on your skin. While dry scaly skin demands a more hydrating pack, the oily skin needs to hunt the lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog the pores or cause a burst of acne.

There are very few products that strike a good balance for all skin types. Brihatri moisturizing lotion is one such rare species that blends in the oily skin and nourishes the parched too. A perfect family pack from authentic Ayurvedic books, Brihatri moisturizing lotion is a safe bet at an appealing price for effective results.

Choose from a range of herbal preparations according to your skin type or just find your perfect match along the alleys of the AyurCentral store. Brihatri moisturizing lotion works well throughout the year saving you the rush and gush of changing your moisturizer with the changing season.

The lightweight lotion fondles the skin with its cool essence and boosts the texture with its organic ingredients. The anti-microbial action of all its ingredients, protects the skin against microbes, while its wound healing properties soothe the cuts and bruises.

Hop into your nearest AyurCentral store to be charmed by the aisles of Ayurvedic richness.

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