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Even though there is a tendency to believe that Cracked Heels are very common in adults, it’s a perception applicable only to certain people who fail to exercise caution. It also cannot be generalized as a ‘disorder’ in its description because Cracked Heels as a condition has a lot to do with ignorant lifestyle and behavioral patterns. However, there is an exception in terms of plantar psoriasis that causes Cracked Heels. It’s a condition that needs extensive medical care and attention. If the possibility of plantar psoriasis is eliminated, it is usually left to the lifestyle preferences that may lead to an undesirable condition of heels in men and women.


Well known causes


Some of the well known causes include walking on uneven surfaces, late night walk and bare foot walk. They can actually be categorized under issues related to walking. Similarly, unhealthy habits like tobacco and beetle nut chewing in excess quantities can cause damage to the heels. Intake of bitter tasting foods and excess consumption of beverages like coffee will also have negative impact on the health of heels. Work related pressures leading to sleeplessness and late night work will certainly have their share of contribution in causing undesirable heels. Obesity and excess weight will add unwarranted stress and pressure on the heels, causing unwanted cracks. Winters and cold weathers are usually unfriendly for skin in general and heels in particular. Exposure to unhygienic conditions during such climatic conditions will probably cause undue damage.                      


Remedies in Ayurveda

·         There is no alternative to adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, at the same time intake of plenty of water and milk is desirable to keep the heels naturally healthy.

·         A solution prepared by mixing 30 ml of Neem oil and 90 ml of Sesame oil with one tea spoon each of Turmeric powder, Neem powder, Sandalwood power and 3-4 tiny boiled Aloe vera pieces is effective to cure Cracked Heels. It has to be applied over the heels on a daily basis.

·         There is another simple solution that can be prepared by mixing a cup of ghee with three tea spoons of turmeric. Applying this solution to the cracks can yield great results.


There are also medications promoted by well known Ayurveda Drug Manufacturers:- Kusumolin by Kumar Ayurvedashrama and Chiropex Cream by Himalaya Wellness are widely used to cure the cracked and damaged heels.    

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