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A forgotten beauty enriching solution from the science of Ayurveda


The present day cosmetic discourse talks about beauty enhancement, which is based on half-truths. Beauty preservation and enrichment on the other hand are supposed to be the core objectives of cosmetic interventions. And, it can be done at the comfort of home with natural measures and remedies. 

Curd is one of the naturally and abundantly available products rich in cosmetic value and also being unfortunately undermined. I would like to present my case for Curd by beginning with an example from my clinical experience. I was approached for consultation by a software professional by name Prema. She had extremely dry skin with dry whitish patches on her face. By then she tried various home remedies, moisturizers and dermatological creams which did not have any positive impact. I recommended massaging her skin with Curd for 10 minutes every day followed by applying a pack of Curd with Gram Flour (Besan). Not surprisingly, her facial skin got rejuvenated just within 30 days. There are numerous hidden treasures and cosmetic value in Curd; its advantages go much beyond the obvious. Exploring the cosmetic benefits of Curd will reveal multiple facets of it, adding beauty to health. Zinc, Lactic Acid, Calcium and Vitamin –B are the health and beauty enriching factors that are richly available in it.                        


Skin Care Benefits of Curd 

  • Curd is a natural treatment for sun burns; it keeps the skin clean and enhances the natural glow. Curd is also a very effective anti-aging solution which acts as a moisturizer as well. 
  • With its potential to exfoliate the skin, it is effective in minimizing blemishes, toning freckles and wrinkles. 
  • Curd when combined with Besan is good for treating Acne. It also works very well against the tanning effect of skin.    

Curd as a Natural Remedy for Hair Care 

  • It is an established fact that Curd can be used as an effective solution to treat hair frizz, a condition faced by people with curly hair. 
  • Applying curd mixed with lemon juice will result in softy and silky hair. It also treats dandruff. 
  • In order to cure rough hair, using curd pack once in a week is recommended, smooth and soft hair would be the anticipated end result.                   

Skin Cleansing and Nourishment with Curd 

You can help yourself with skin cleansing with Curd, ideally it is refreshing after a long busy day at work. All you need to do is to simply apply Curd over your face and rinse it off in 15 minutes. It would soften your skin and helps in exfoliating it with the help of lactic acid. Curd has lactic acid in abundance which helps rejuvenating the skin. Occasional massaging of your skin with Curd mixed with Turmeric will provide adequate nourishment; it is also effective against sunburns. Curd is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties because of which applying sour Curd will assertively act against Acne related problems. Curd mixed with Orange Peel is used for massaging the facial skin; it enriches fairer and glowing skin. 

Considering the unmatched benefits of Curd in Hair and Skin Care, I would encourage you to prefer it over chemical based synthetic cosmetics. Stay healthy with enriched beauty!!  



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