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Cut, stitch, sneeze and bleed: Postpartum weakness

By Sachidevi Shantaram

‘Childbirth’ is an enthralling experience that invokes a thousand emotions. It is a big transition and no matter how ready or experienced you are, the road goes through an unknown lane every time.

For, I was a mother of two, when I got pregnant for the third time. By now, I knew the drill pretty well and was all set with what to expect and what not to. But as they say, every woman, every child, and every pregnancy is unique.

The three trimesters swiftly passed without much of a glitch but the third cesarean delivery came with a lot of risks. I lost lots of blood already but the very next day my stitches opened up of a hard sneeze making things even worse.

For 10 days I stayed in the hospital fighting hard to come back to the three little miracles of my life. Blood transfusions, saline, iron tablets, and a lot of precautions and care for the cut, and finally I got discharged.

The healing continued and now my husband did my dressing and cleaning. With all the drama I lost all my energy, I was too weak to even hold my newborn and feed him. The weakness continued for the next ten days.

I was mostly circling around the bedroom and bathroom and passing on a few instructions in the kitchen. But one day, I fell on the floor losing consciousness. It was then my husband took me to an Ayurvedic physician at AyurCentral for traditional healing.

The doctor prescribed me brihatri dashamularista  and jeerakadyarista in a combination of 15 ml each twice daily with equal water. He advised me on a short list of diets I must follow. His medicines worked for me and helped me recover from the post-delivery weakness. Also, he prescribed Jatyadi taila for wound healing.

With regular intake, my body got rejuvenated, revitalized, and energized as much to take care of all the three little pieces of my heart, manage my kitchen, look after my dear husband and join my job in six months.

Childbirth is difficult and demanding, but with the right care and help, a woman can still be the same force as she always was.

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