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Giving birth is one lot of work, more than anyone could ever imagine untill the day comes. No mother can ever be enough prepared to handle all the blows that come in with motherhood. The sleepless nights, the anxiety to comfort the newborn, the emotional triumph and to top it all your delicate health, your body and mind screams for rest, solace and comfort in all the chaos.

There is no denying that looking out for the little munchkin is important but so is the mother’s health. When the mother is happy and healthy the exact same emotions get replicated in the newborn, such is the sacred bond between new life and the life bearer.

Ayurveda, the holistic science of healing and uplifting the experience of life on this planet understands and values this sacred bond. So, it has a special branch that talks about the several important aspects of postnatal care.

Ayurveda hails the use of Dashamularishta, a polyherbal magical potion that aids the new mothers in excelling in their newly appointed full time job. As the name suggests, It provides strength and enhances immunity whilst offering a punch of energy to go through the unending chores apart from handling the baby. Experience the wholesomeness of Ayurvedic healing in your life with Dashmularishta.

Composition of Dashamularishta
Dashamularishta is a blend of ten potent herbs blended in perfect ratio to give the best benefits. An amazing health tonic and pain reliever, Dashamularishta contains 3-7% of self-generated alcohol by fermentation.

Properties of Dashamularishta
Dashmularishta is a blessing for the new mothers, as it helps them by supplying the much needed energy drained by the rigorous process of childbirth and child care. Some of the most revered properties of Dashmularishta are:

Digestive Stimulant
Mild natural Analgesic
Muscle relaxant

Dashamularishta in postnatal care
It addresses a plethora of ails and pains in the new mother. With your heart walking out of your chest life does not seem as easy as it was. The weakness from delivery and the rigorous efforts demands special care for the body to cope up with the stress and strains. Here is how Dashmularishta is your perfect aid.

Combats weakness
Dashmularishta is a safe nutritional syrup primarily used for recuperation from post-delivery weakness naturally and effectively. It helps in improving metabolism and aids a speedy recovery for new mothers and prepares them to face the rigours of motherhood.

Prevents postpartum depression
Being a potent antidepressant and anti-stress tonic Dashmularishta helps you calming the mind.

Prevents infection and pain
It prevents infectious diseases of uterus, bladder and kidneys, backache, fatigue, pain of perineal area, excess discharge, sluggish uterus and swollen breasts etc.

Treats Postpartum Fever
Dashamularishtam is beneficial in treating both low-grade and high grade fever. In acute fever, It helps fighting off infectious microbes and decreases the intensity of symptoms such as restlessness, headache, discharges, pain, etc.

Postpartum diarrhoea and IBS:
Some women may develop diarrhoea or IBS after delivery. In such condition, Dashamularishtam comes to aid owing to its mild astringent action.

Low backache after delivery
Many women have low backache and back stiffness after delivery. In some cases, back stiffness is also associated. Dashamularishtam helps in relieving the pain.

Caution & Side Effects
Dashamularishtam is reported to be safe & well-tolerated in most people. There are no side effects reported with it. However, it is best taken as per doctor’s advice.

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