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I sat there on a bench, waiting for an advocate to file my divorce. Petrified and anxious about my big decision, I somehow calmed the gale of my mind and waited patiently to finally put an end to the silent suffering. 

After a few minutes, a man in a suit, tall and lean, approached me with the papers. I looked at his eyes and a rage gushed through my veins. His eyes were red just like my drunkard husband who came home drenched in alcohol to torment me for pleasure. Even before he could utter a word, I bashed at him calling him a drunkard, unprofessional, and a threat to society.

It was a break-out of my pain and my panic. The lawyer left the place throwing the papers on the table. No doubt he was humiliated and crushed to be insulted aloud in front of an audience. 

After a few minutes, the peon came to me and told me that the guy I shouted at was Advocate Raj Kumar, the best divorce lawyer in the city. He has never touched alcohol in his entire life. It was the stress of his job and the emotional agony of dealing with failing relations that he went into depression and was now suffering from insomnia. 

The words hit me like a bullet as I failed to contemplate the damage my words might have caused by now. I rushed passed the corridors and the crowded halls to find the man standing in a corner. I went up and apologized a hundred times. I urged him to take my case and he was generous enough to move past the bitter start.

I knew what depression was and I knew the lonely nights where the clock ticks and bad thoughts creep. In the next few sessions, I shared my story of abuse and agony, of distress and depression and it was then I suggested he use RESTOIL as it helped me a lot in the bad phase, dealing with the stress and insomnia. 

I referred him to AyurCentral for authentic Ayurvedic ‘ RESTOIL’ that really works. After a month, we met for court proceedings; he thanked me greatly, and he was finally able to sleep in peace, shutting all the gloomy voices in his mind.

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