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Finally, a Moisturizer for all seasons and reasons

By Dr. Meenakshi Nayak

A moisturizer is the one item in our grooming kit which is absolutely essential. While applying moisturizer might seem as basic as a cappuccino shot on Instagram, it’s one of the most crucial steps that many of us go wrong. 

Moisturizing is the equivalent of food for our skin. When it is moisturized properly, the natural barrier is fortified, and the skin gets smooth and protected, meaning it is well “nourished”. Be it any skin type, moisturizer helps lock in hydration. Even the oiliest skin needs moisturizing skipping which makes the oil glands hyperactive and they overproduce oil.

Finding the right product and using it in the right way is the actual trick. Buying moisturizer may seem easy enough while jotting it down on the grocery list. But wandering through the skincare aisle and navigating through a bunch of options it becomes hard to pick one, particularly the right one.

After checking on a number of body lotions and testing them personally, my search came to an end with the Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion. The mild-smelling Ayurvedic body lotion contains the richness of aloe vera and camellia extracts that offers the perfect balance of non-sticky smoothness and pampering that lasts all day long. 

Aloe vera, the wonder plant, moisturizes the skin, treats sunburn, lightens stretch marks, and reduces blemishes. It is also an acne fighter, accelerates the healing of wounds, and effectively prevents the signs of aging. 

While camellia is an anti-aging elixir filled with antioxidants and omega fatty acids that deeply nourish skin cells, and prevents wrinkles and sagging cheeks. The perfect combination makes it a season all-skin body lotion. 

Further, Brihatri moisturizing lotion is close to nature and it is organically made with Ayurvedic expertise. You can easily procure it from your nearest AyurCentral Store and also check out their other awesome products.

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