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According to the law of nature and attraction, every particle in this universe is a source of energy. Our thoughts, mind, body and spirit emits energy in the form of vibrations. Om is that mystic vibration which activates all the senses and raises a level of self-awareness. It is a sacred word that draws a divine source of positive lavender energy through each cell of the body.

The vibrations created by citation of ‘om’ resonate with the frequency of our higher self, which is the most powerful creation of the creator. The pronunciation of “om” encompasses the sounds of three syllables each of which has an eternal purpose.

A – Originating from the back of the throat this syllable creates a tide of vibration in the chest and solar plexus. It equates the conscious mind – the doer of all actions.

U – This syllable resonates along the upper palate and creates a string of vibrations in the throat. It equates the sub-conscious mind – the planner of all actions.

M – This syllable resonates the deep silence of the Infinite. It is the unconscious state – the state of deep sleep.

Health Benefits of Om Chanting

Chanting Om has a mesmerizing impact on the internal and external being of existence. Let’s see the many benefits of chanting ‘om’ –

The bliss of Positivity

Chanting ‘om’ purifies the aura and creates a circle of positivity. A positive soul is always happy, energetic, young and attractive.

Helps to Improve Concentration

Chanting Om takes away all the worries and thoughts, making the mind light and blank that can easily absorb a quantum of information. It raises the level of awareness and makes the mind focused and improves concentration.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The vibrations of Om create a soothing aura of positivity and peace in the surrounding which brings the stress level down. It is a quick fix to anxiety and tension. A cool and calm mind helps in making better life decisions.

Spiritual connect

Meditating with ‘om’ makes you feel serene and pious. It helps to connect with the inner self and discovering the true purpose in life.

Detoxifies the Body

As the energy of vibration awakens each cell in the body, it improves blood circulation and oxygen usage of the body. The deep breathing helps in removing all the toxins from the body. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and hypertension.

Ensures Sound Sleep

Stress, over thinking and all the multitude of thoughts, start loitering as you hit the bed for a blissful sleep. Meditation and the citation of Om keep you in the present and eradicate all such futile thoughts. It ensures quick, quantitative and qualitative sleep.

Makes You Emotionally Stable

Buddha said, “Don’t let the behaviour of other control your state of being”. No matter what the situation is, being calm and composed always help in dealing with things in a better way. To reach a state of spirituality it is very important to be able to control your emotions and look beyond them.

Keeps away Negativity

Om is a supernatural word that drives away all sort of negativity from the mind and eventually from one’s life. It creates a vibrant positive ambiance that nurtures relations, success and growth.

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