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Midlife crisis is a psychological state in which the person lacks zeal, self-confidence and goes through a transition in identity. Be it retirement from duty or from household chores, a woman’s life goes through a space of sudden vacancy and emptiness which casts a dark shadow of depression, remorse, and anxiety in many women’s mind.

Though the reason for midlife crisis may vary from case to case, the solution and consequences almost remain the same. Some of the most common factors that lead to midlife crisis are –
Loss of self-identity
A feeling of losing priority or authority
Relationship problems
Self-image problems

Here are some of the zestful ways that can turn the table and make your time of remorse the beginning of a fruitful second inning.

Accept your age and stage

Being in a state of denial brings pain and sadness and it creates a feeling of lack of belongingness. When you accept yourself the world accepts you!

Set New goals

You don’t die the day the soul leaves the body; you die the day you forget to dream! With all the time in your hand now you can look back to your passion, set new goals and start a new journey altogether.

Get healthy

It’s an inherent nature of a woman to take care of everyone but herself. But it is important to pamper and love your own body and soul. Make a move towards a healthy life. Indulge in Yoga, Meditation, some dance moves, sports, exercises, music. Keeping yourself fresh, motivated and healthy makes you an attractive person.

Invest in good diet

No more compromise on the diet. Experiment with different foods, find out the best suited healthy food and incorporate them in your diet. A happy stomach encourages a happy life!

Spend some time alone

Being alone is different from being lonely. When you start enjoying the company of your own thoughts the happenings of the outer world make no difference to you. The serenity of silence and the commotion of your thoughts, enjoying the peaceful nature, finding new meanings are just the wonderful experiences that you might have missed so far.

Talk to your partner

Look back at the wonderful memories you have created together. Discuss the beauty of life and speak about your concerns. Talking about things takes away the heaviness of the heart and makes you feel light and happy.

Bring out the wanderlust within you

Life itself is a voyage and a life not well travelled is a life wasted! Go to places far or near, explore the world, learn new things, come out of your comfort zone and see how tiny you and your problems are in the face of this whole world.

Pamper and spoil yourself

Spoil yourself with all the long aspired stuffs that you always postponed to buy. Go for shopping, book the spa session and do things that make you really happy.

Happiness and sadness doesn’t depend on the situations rather it’s a matter of your perspective. What may seem the end to one may be the light of a new beginning for someone else. Be positive and look at the positivity side in every situation. The more you become positive the more you attract positivity and happiness into your life!

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