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A clinical study conducted by Cohen et al was aimed at determining the effect of Honey in children suffering from nocturnal cough. They enrolled 300 children between the age of one and five with the disease condition lasting for less than seven days. In this one night study, children with symptoms of asthma, pneumonia, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or laryngotracheobronchitis were excluded. Children who received any kind of cough remedy were also excluded from this study. This double-blinded study was randomized into four different arms (groups of patients), while one arm received placebo the remaining three arms received honey in different forms of preparation. Eucalyptus, citrus, or labiatae were the three types of honey used in the trail. The method adopted for assessment was through a questionnaire before the trial followed by telephonic interview the very next day after receiving the treatment.  

  • Considering all the subjective and objective parameters, it was concluded that the children who received Honey as remedy for cough responded well. The change noticed was statistically significant in the treatment arms when compared with the placebo arm which gives the levy for concluding in favor of using Honey as a remedy for children suffering from cough. This is one of the significant clinical studies conducted more specifically on children. 

Honey is known for its positive impact in reducing cough, especially during the nights. It could replicate the results produced by some of the OTC drugs like Dextromethorphan and Diphenhydramine in terms of easing cough symptoms as well as improving the night sleep. Consult your physician for accurate dosage and duration of use, especially when your child is already on any other medication.           

There are quite a few research publications and recommendations that advocate the use of Honey in children as an effective remedy for cough. However, it has to be used with caution by considering all the clinical recommendations. Random usage can prove to be counter-productive and you may risk your child’s health if the standard guidelines are ignored.  Honey alone is not sufficient, if cough is associated with fever, wheezing and cold symptoms. 


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