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Honey is a nutritious super-food, a sweet delight and an effective healing agent all in one. With a swarming list of attributes, honey is one of those rare kitchen ingredients with infinite purposes. Its marvelous composition, medicinal properties and incredible therapeutic nature makes it a must-have item in the kitchen cabinet.

Reminiscing the old memories when our mother comes up with a natural home remedy for our woes, the picture of honey comes first to mind. Be it a dry cough or a little cut, be it the regular skin care or the disturbing hiccups— a spoon of honey approaches our throat as the all round panacea. Regular consumption of honey also reduces the risk of urinary tract disorders, worm infestations, cough, gastritis and nagging nausea. A super punch of instant energy, honey also benefits the body in many indispensable ways.

The benefits of honey are enjoyed since ancient times. With a wide multitude of potent uses and zero side effects, it is completely justified to grab that bottle of honey next time you walk down the grocery aisle. However, it is very important to buy only pure honey– high in quality and without added ingredients for best results.

With so many brands and stores creating all the buzz, it becomes a tough job to hunt down that one brand you can rely on. Don’t worry ! We have done our intensive research on this and have narrowed down the best choice for quality honey !

AyurCentral is a reputed brand that deals in several Ayurvedic, herbal and natural products. It has garnered a notable stature and respected position for its authentic and quality products. AyurCentral revered the use of honey as a natural cure to several chronic and fatal diseases. AyurCentral houses some of the best brands of honey specifically tested and naturally extracted. There are 57 Ayurcentral stores spread across the city of Bengaluru, with easy access and wide availability of a varied range of products, including various brands of honey . So if you choose Ayurveda, AyurCentral is the best option to go for !

Janardhan Perur, Director, AyurCentral

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