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I am a Software engineer and this is the song we all sing

I am a Software engineer and this is the song we all sing

By Veda Bhat

My life is as messed as my codes

The tragedy is in everyday episodes…

Reaching late cursing my fate

Fetching my chair hiding from the manager’s stare 

I sit all day, I sit through nights

Blabbering about human rights

Oh!! I want to go but I want that promotion more

In this struggle, my health walks out the door

My eyes are sore, my head numb

All my fingers are dead except my thumb

Don’t ask about the pain in my back

As if someone gave me a thousand smacks.

My boyfriend is waiting for our dinner date

But my manager shows me the bait

I wagged my tail, shook my head

‘Cause the human in me is already dead.

Thankfully after sessions of rejuvenating therapy and a sojourn in the hills, I was able to find my human soul again. And for my health AyurCentral came as a boon to me. My back was bad but slowly my core strengthened with  Ayurvedic medicines. The deadly headache is now gone after months of Ksheerabala taila nasya.

Now I am a writer(evidently), wife (married my boyfriend), mother, and entrepreneur. And I am happy. Can’t thank my AyurCentral’s Ayurvedic doctor enough for all the guidance, time, and care!

If you are going through the same mess of posh buildings and illumination of life just visit AyurCentral once guys. Trust me it’s a magical experience.


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