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Infertility is an age old problem affecting millions of couples, but it is the recent upsurge in the statistical data of infertility cases that’s raising a concern. According to a recent health survey — about 46% of Indians, between the ages of 31 and 40, require medical intervention to conceive as one or both partners suffer from fertility problems. Increased stress, pathetic work life balance, sedentary lifestyle, poor food habits, alcohol consumption and several other factors have casted a black shadow on a women’s womb.

In the modern medical paradigm, a woman’s advanced age, hormonal abnormalities, tubal-, uterine-, or endometrial-related conditions are commonly referred for female infertility and in men, it is mostly linked with poor sperm quantity or quality or erectile dysfunction. In both-sexes, psychosomatic aspects and stress levels plays a pivotal role but modern science fails to address that genre. Statistical studies revealed that 25% to 30% of couples seeking modern treatment get their reports as conceivable.

Apart from the limited scope of fertility treatment, modern techniques of child birth also involve high risk of birth defects or abnormalities at birth. It is said that IVF babies ‘have twice the chance of defects as normal babies. U.S research showed babies conceived with unnatural pregnancy are twice likely to have heart defects and four and half times more susceptible to digestive tract disorders. Recent studies on this also cited 30% increase in the risk of major birth defects.

As such more and more couples are opting the Ayurvedic way to conceive healthy babies naturally. Ayurveda is the holistic wisdom that believes in correcting all aspects of the body for resolving any problem. It involves complete evaluation for infertility that includes the patient’s history, life style, gynaecological examination, hormones, diet, and several other factors of life. Conceiving a baby needs several factors to be in perfect balance right from temperature to ovulation window.  Ayurveda nourishes each cell of the body to create a viable atmosphere for conceiving the baby.

Ayurvedic treatment incorporates the use of high value herbs and medicinal preparations that serves as natural tonic to male and female reproductive organs. They help in maintaining biological clock of menstruation thereby correcting any hormonal imbalance. They also increase the vitality and helps in making potent and healthy sperm and ovum; eventually resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

A huge emphasis is laid on the importance of proper diet and right nutrition in the Ayurvedic way of treatment. Avoiding salty and spicy foods and including aphrodisiacs and high nutritional foods are recommended for conceiving a healthy baby.
Lifestyle plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth pregnancy. Maintaining disciplined routine, getting adequate sleep and rest time, leading a stress free life, avoiding smoking, drinking and substance abuse helps to reduce infertility.

Because of the high success rate of Ayurvedic treatment, easy procedures, low costs, natural conceiving and no risk of birth defects more and more couples are turning into the Ayurvedic way to conceive and deliver a healthy child.


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