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Insomnia is not a trend, it’s a disease!

By Arun Porwal

Did you ever brawl through the night, trying hard to fall asleep? Tossing and turning on the bed, changing position and pillows, praying hard to get a nap because the next day you have to be on your toes.

Sleeplessness might sound like a fascinating trend or a superpower, but in reality, it’s a disease creeping on you slowly and gently clenching your system by the gut to drive you nuts.

Being an insomniac is not a silly status update on Facebook or a story on Instagram. It’s not a muse for artistic literary work, poetry, and painting. It is a sickness, a serious depressed condition that screams for help.

How do I know all of this? Because I have been a victim, a close confidante of insomnia not for days or months but for years. I got this habit of sleeping late at night after I got into a relationship and talking till 4 a.m. in the morning became a regular thing.

She left me after 4 years but this habit did not. I started to feel my system degrading, my hair graying, my waist bulging, and basically, my body degrading. That’s when I realized I am an insomniac and insomnia is something that works as a slow poison that would seriously eat you from inside. 

A day without sleep may not be a big deal, but think of not sleeping at all for months! 

Let me help you with that:

  • Your body will start aching.
  • You will always feel nauseated and exhausted at all times.
  • Your head will hurt as though someone is hammering 200 nails onto it.
  • Your eyes will be begging to shut with tears!
  • You can kill someone out of aggression but you might end up with the thought of killing yourself! 
  • All your hidden demons will haunt you.
  • You’ll turn into an irritating sociopath who sulks and walks like a zombie!

Scary, isn’t it? This is just a glimpse of what it feels like to be an insomniac and the reality is much scarier! 

How I survived my battle? I have been lucky that I could find my cure in natural form – Nidramitra. It came as a boon for my tormented soul. Two tablets at night made me sleep like a baby; without any tension or restlessness. It’s natural, it’s safe, it’s Ayurvedic and it works magic.

So, if you too are suffering from this brawl of sleepless nights, then please get help. Try Nidramitra tablets and reach out to an Ayurvedic physician at AyurCentral for counseling. Click here to order Nidramitra from BRIHATRI.

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