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It’s more than just being lazy | TESTIMONIAL

By Jayashree Patil

The loud noise of the doorbell kept hammering in my head. I thought I was dreaming, I thought the sun is yet to rise. But the ring continued to disturb the peace of my sleep. Barely opening an eye I reached for my phone to check the time.

11.30! 11.30 a.m. My eyes almost popped out of the sockets. I sat there in shock as I missed my meeting for the third time this week. Even after 11 hours of sleep, my body was as tired as after a slogging day at the farm. 

I hardly managed to pull myself out of the bed and took the milk from the milkman who is now basically my milkman cum morning alarm. Brushed, bathed, and sat staring at nowhere for almost 40 minutes. Was it my laziness kicking in or some fatal disease giving me a slow death?

I was now scared as I realized the fatigue and weakness were taking away a piece of me every day… I lost interest in my business, cooking, gardening, cleaning, or even shopping. ‘Is it laziness, some mental illness, or cancer?’ these thoughts started navigating through my mind.

So, without wasting even a second I rushed to my Ayurvedic doctor and narrated to him the series of my episodes. He asked me a few questions and gave me the much-needed comfort by announcing that I was having fatigue and weakness, and nothing deadly.

He prescribed Brihatri Ashwagandharista to be taken as a daily tonic and taught me a few breathing exercises. Also told me to drink more water. After 15 days I felt the changes, I felt rejuvenated and fresh. I bounced back on my work and life got back on track.

Sometimes, it is not just our lame excuses but a slow scream of the body signaling something !!!

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