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Stomach abnormalities, an outcome of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, is common among people these days. Every fifth person experiences acid reflex. Most people hunt for ways to treat acidity and other stomach abnormalities at home in no time. Luckily, your kitchen is the hub of most spices that prove to be a great home remedy and one of them is jeera or cumin seeds.
Jeera Kashayam, a drink prepared by boiling jeera in water brings relief from gastric problems and acidity. Other than relieving stomach abnormalities, there are several health benefits of this readily available household recipe. Before jumping to benefits, let’s learn how to prepare it.
How to prepare jeera kashayam?
To prepare jeera kashayam, you need to begin by roasting a tablespoon of cumin seeds in an empty sauce pan nearly dark brown. Now add two cups of water and let it boil till it reduces to half of the volume. Finish it by adding two drops of ghee and then, filter it.
Health Benefits of drinking Jeera Kashayam
Since the good old days, people have been drinking jeera water whenever required or even daily after having meal to keep stomach abnormalities at bay. Check out the health benefits of jeera kashayam.Ayurveda claims lukewarm jeera water to be a boon for strengthening circulatory and digestive system. This is to say, drinking jeera water vanishes stomach aches, relieves acidity and other digestive disorders like malabsorption syndrome, diarrhea, morning sickness, indigestion, biliousness, etc. In addition to this, it does a really great job in increasing appetite and reducing abdominal gas.

  • Adding jeera water to your regime helps rejuvenate your body and throw out all the toxins from it.
  • Jeera water is packed with antiseptic properties that aids in fighting fever, sinus and common cold. Besides, it also helps boost immunity.
  • Cumin seeds are rich in iron and thus, it improves the formation of red blood cells in the body. This is of great benefit to pregnant and lactating mothers. Not only this, it even improves lactation in feeding mothers.
  • When mixed with ginger, jeera water brings relief to a sore throat.
  • Jeera is a good source of vitamin E. Owing to the presence of essential oils, it has anti-fungal and disinfectant properties that prevents skin from any fungal or microbial infection.
  • Jeera water has turned out to be really effective for people suffering from sleep disorders. Drinking jeera water after gobbling up a banana at night induces sleep.
  • Jeera kashayam is also given to pregnant ladies as and when they begin to feel labour pain. It is believed that the pain subsides if it is false, or else, it begins to intensify.
  • Cumin seeds are said to cool your body, improve functioning of kidney and cure urinary problems.

Jeera or cumin seeds being one of the most important spices of Indian kitchen is common and easily available. After learning about so many health benefits of drinking jeera kashayam, it should be a must have for your healthcare regimen.


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