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The ugly stubborn acne definitely steals away your thunder making your face look more like a plum pudding imitation. Acne is a very common problem among both men and women and only a very few lucky people are spared from the brutality of these tenacious zits.
Not to mention the pain, irritation and embarrassing popping of the pimple in the public, they are definitely a nightmare. Most of the times, acne seems like a condition related to low hygiene level deeming your confidence and making it more awkward for public appearances.
Though many cosmetics and skin treatment techniques claim to give you the clearer skin of your dreams, their effectiveness is far-fetched! Your face is no canvas to keep trying anything and everything.

The 5000 years old ayurvedic granthas did have some amazing secrets for a flawless skin. Kumkumadi Lepam is an age-old herbal technique formulated in a lotion that takes away all your acne woes without penetrating your pockets. Kumkumadi Lepam not only heals the acne but also clears the dark spots or scars on the skin.

Kumkumadi Lepam has many benefits. The list of perks encapsulates anti-inflammation, clear skin, acne prevention, better complexion and healthy skin. Kumkumadi Lepam, is a successful ayurvedic cure for pimples, acne, black spots and stretch marks
This unique blend of essential herbs with Saffron and olive oil is formulated to make the skin look younger and healthier. The goodness of sandalwood cools and cleanses the skin whilst clearing blemishes and reducing dark spots. The antiseptic nature of turmeric protects the skin against bacterial and fungal infection.

Holy grail for acne
Saffron is the world’s most precious price and it has got some valid reasons to be so esteemed. As rare a species it is, blessed with the power to breathe life into your dull skin. Saffron has amazing antimicrobial or antibacterial qualities, which are impeccable for treating acne. It also has excellent an exfoliating capacity which is necessary for clearing up the skin and curing acne.

Soothes acne pain
Sandalwood is another sacred ingredient that goes into the recipe of kumkumadi lepa. The antiviral and bactericidal properties of sandalwood clear the clogged pores and kill the bacteria thriving on your skin. The cooling nature of sandalwood relieves pain and irritation of the skin.

A natural antiseptic
The golden spice is a great weapon against the relentless acnes. The antibiotic and antimicrobial properties of turmeric uproot the acnes from deep within the layers of skin. It is a natural healer that clears the skin, reduces inflammation and adds a natural glow to the skin. Turmeric is long hailed in Ayurveda for its scar and blemish reducing properties. Regular use of turmeric reduces stretch marks and gives you an even toned skin.

Applying Kumkumadi Lepam
Kumkumadi Lepam can be applied on the affected areas directly. Wash the infected area with clean warm water and apply the lotion gently. You can wash off the area after 3 – 4 hours.

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  1. I got too many pimples and I started using this KUMKUMADI LEPA I could see the result and I am very happy now It works particularly well to reduce acne and pimples.

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