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Lice Oil (  Brihatri) Makes an Entire Classroom of Students Lice Free

 By Dr.Anjali Sen

Lice spread when one comes in close contact with the infested person. Earlier this year, a government school teacher ordered more than 3 dozen packs of Brihatri Lice oil from an AyurCentral outlet. She had an intriguing story.

Infectious Spread

(The names of the individuals are withheld for privacy reasons)

The teacher realized the gravity of the situation in her classroom when one of her student’s mothers raised a complaint about her son getting infested by lice and spreading it in the family continuously. The teacher then inquired about the problem in her class. To her dismay, every single student in the class was infested with this parasite which affected their concentration in studies.

Many students had already used popular over-the-counter topical solutions to treat the condition but the parasite kept coming back. A couple of them even took oral medications to no avail. The teacher looked on the internet for alternative solutions. She came across Ayurvedic solutions and guided by one of her acquaintances ended up in an AyurCentral retail outlet in a popular locality in Bengaluru. 

 Lice Oil ( Brihatri) to the Rescue

She ordered three dozen packets of Brihatri Lice oil as advised by doctors in AyurCentral and distributed them to her students. In a week’s time, everyone in the classroom was free from infections. 

More than two months later, the students of that Government school continue to be lice-free. AyurCentral’s Brihatri products are designed with age-old wisdom and standardized procedures in state of art facilities making them a highly reliable Ayurvedic brand. Stories like the solution for the lice problem in school children stand testimony to the efficacy of the product.

Brihatri Lice oil is available in all AyurCentral outlets for just Rs.99/-. 

What is Lice?

The lice on our hair can be terrible. Lice are bloodsucking insects that live on people’s heads, bodies, and pubic regions. They are commonly found on one’s scalp.  Human blood is the only food source for human lice. The types of lice found on various parts of the body vary.

It is more common in women and children, though it has equal potency to infecting men. 

The most common way that lice infestations spread is through close human touch. Lice can only crawl; they are unable to hop or fly. In Ayurveda, Lice infestations can be treated with both medicated oils and shampoo treatments.

100% Effective Ayurvedic Lice Oil

Brihatri Lice Oil is prepared exclusively using ingredients recommended in ancient Ayurvedic texts for solutions to Lice Problems. It is completely free from chemicals and other allergic ingredients commonly used in allopathic medicines.

The primary ingredient in Brihatri Lice oil is Neem oil. Neem is the go-to ingredient in Ayurveda to treat fungal, bacterial, or other microbial infections. Multiple scientific studies have shown the efficacy of Neem in treating such infections.

How To Use?

Apply 10 ml of Brihatri Lice oil to your palms and spread. Gently massage the oil on your scalp with your fingertips. Ensure the oil is spread thoroughly throughout the scalp.

Leave the oil on your hair for 8 hours and rinse with shampoo. For best results use Brihatri Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Remove the dead lice with a louse comb after you shampoo.


Side Effects

Brihatri Lice oil is a 100% natural product with zero added chemicals and hence is perfectly safe for repeated use. No side effects have been reported for this product to date. 

This product is safe for everyone. If you have a major wound or cut on your scalp, consult an Ayurvedic physician before use.

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