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A single act of sneezing, spreads nearly 100000 germs. Imagine, if you were to sneeze continuously, from the moment you wake up in the morning! That would make you a ‘germs spreading factory’. Continuous sneezing is a symptom of Allergic Rhinitis. Watering eyes, breathlessness, itchy nose, runny nose, sore-throat are other symptoms that confirm Allergic Rhinitis.

Loud sneezing, awkwardness of cleaning your nose continuously, constant yawning due to anti-histamines and lack of quality sleep, are the embarrassing side effects you would have to deal with.  Moreover, it could cascade into a grumpy attitude, constant headaches, loss of productivity and even loss of work.

Effective treatment of Allergic Rhinitis is a must. Dependence on OTC drugs and self-medication, could lead to serious health issues.

Ayurveda has proven, effective and lasting cure for Allergic Rhinitis. The treatment addresses the root of the problem than the peripheral symptomatic treatments. Consult a doctor at any of AyurCentral’s clinic, spread across 50 locations in Bangalore. Let Ayurveda boost your immune system that gets attacked by seasonal changes in the weather. Take full control of your life. Live life Allergic Rhinitis free!

Thousands of allergic rhinitis patients who have trusted the doctors at AyurCentral have been treated effectively and cured permanently. If you wish to get rid of this irritable and troublesome health problem, visit AyurCentral now!

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