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Living my 60’s in my 30’s | TESTIMONIAL

By Santosh Rajguru

The ’30s are meant to be thirty, flirty, and thriving… I wanted to go out and bold and live the life that I have been dreaming of ever since the time I can remember dreaming. Tour the world, trek the mountains, go camping and do adventures that could fill my heart and soul… 

As I spent my roaring twenties gathering pennies for fuelling my dreams, I wanted my thirties to be anything but ordinary. 

So, my 30th birthday was an extravagant affair; I threw a grand party to celebrate the beginning of my dream journey. As I danced to the tunes of my heart, suddenly a splitting pricking pain hit me like a thunderbolt and I fell hard on the floor. 

The pain was not a one-day visitor as I expected, it was a long sojourn that soon invited the woes of fatigue, weakness, tremors, and muscular and joint pain that chained me to the bed.

Just like that, I turned 34 enslaved by the body of a 60-year-old. Let living my dream life, I had to struggle with every errand. Trapped in an ebbing body my soul died in pain. I was just a sad, depressed, and barren woman with mourning eyes that refuses to bid bye to her dreams. 

I could not take my life like that anymore. So, I gathered myself and went to visit an ayurvedic doctor in the AyurCental clinic for a permanent cure to all the suffering.

The doctor understood my agony and prescribed Brihatri Balarista and Ashwagandha tablets for my pain, weakness, and fatigue. He also taught me a few exercises and guided me to plan a well-balanced diet. He also suggested daily self-massage with Brihatri Ksheerabala taila. Just in 30 days, my body regained its youthful zest and I am back in my rolling shoes flying across countries and living the life I always dreamt of.

No matter how hard life gets, never cease to dream because dreams do come true.

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