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“Ask Google.” It is the two-worded, billion-dollar answer, we have heard too often, when seeking information or knowledge. We live in an age that is increasingly thrilled by artificial intelligence. We live in an age where machines replace human workforce. We live in an age that relies on machine power rather than memory power.

Yet, can your child rely on a machine to write an exam? However futuristic the world of education, a child’s performance in school is directly related to memory power. Which is why, the craze for Transformers and Robots cannot equal the fascination for Spelling Bee! Because, it celebrates excellent memory power.

Your child’s growth, performance and success can be at stake because of weak memory. Ayurveda has time tested, natural remedies to address weak memory. The herbal memory boosters work on the brain function and rejuvenate the brain, like no other drugs can. Ayurvedic medicines help in retention of knowledge and recall of memory. The treatment brings down stress levels, stimulates sound sleep at night and harnesses the power of antioxidants present in herbs and foods. The result is a memory power that will last from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, give your child a razor-sharp memory power through Ayurveda.

At AyurCentral we conduct memory contest for children and bring out the champion in your child. Follow us on Facebook and help your children perform to their best!

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