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MENTACE | TESTIMONIAL | The payback of passion

By H. R. Ramachandra

“Follow your passion, and success will follow”, this concept has been fed to us over and over again, through overly glamorized movies, success stories, Ted Talks, and all sorts of audio and videos. Amped up with the wisdom, I quit my well-paying job to pick up the guitar that I had put down years ago. I loved my music, it was my escape and I felt it won’t be just if I give it one chance to bloom.

Taking the decision was hard, but there was a sense of hope and happiness that filled my heart. This zeal was at its peak for the first fifteen days, I did not lose hope even after a month of struggle. But soon time started slipping, six months went by and my bank balance sloped down from 6 digits to 3 digits.

I started sinking, maybe it was a wrong decision, maybe it was the most foolish decision I ever made. Life was going good, pretty smooth in fact, but then this hype of passion and dreams spoilt it all. Not only going back would be tough, but it would be embarrassing, to say the least.

I was lost and soon depression found my address. I didn’t know which way to go or what to go. I started stressing over things that did not even exist and soon stress started to surface on my face, body, and mind.

I thought I was just another loser, who was foolish enough to fall into these traps. My wife, who has been standing through all these like a pillar of strength, knew I was drowning. She took me to AyurCentral, her ayurvedic medical store, and booked an appointment for a consultation.

The doctor was a charmer, he counseled me until I believed I was the hero of my story. My wife loved me and so did my lovely family and that’s all that matters. He then prescribed Mentace tablets to calm my stress and asked me to use the time I am getting with my family to do things I won’t be able to do after I join my job.

Mentace Tablets calmed me down, relaxed my body, and emptied my mind. This helped me in getting a job with a much higher paycheck. I also got the break for family time which I was missing for so long.

Thank you AyurCentral and Mentace tablet for resetting my life!

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