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My experience with AyurCentral

My experience with AyurCentral

By Surinder Bagga

I met my first panic attack when I was 16. The pressure of my boards made me succumb to fear and anxiety. I spent sleepless nights trying to mumble the words scribbled in the notebooks. That was the first time my palms sweated, ears heated up, face turned red as stung by a wasp and I sat thunderstruck on the chair for hours until my mother would come and bring me to my senses.

I thought it was the exam thing and that it happens with everyone. Every one was so concerned about the ranks and grades, nobody cared to give me the strength and confidence I needed to barely survive. My uncle who is an Ayurvedic doctor would often visit me; he would bring a pen or some tasty herbal golis and tell me jokes and stories. He was my only breather

I felt trapped, suffocated, and exhausted but I had to stay buried in the closet. Because my tears were not emotions but they were just a sign of weakness which everyone easily laughed off. My boards passed and my results were disastrous. My parent’s reaction to my grades gave me another anxiety attack, but they were too ignorant to identify that and I was too small to understand any of this.

By the time I reached college, I was an alcoholic, a chain smoker, and on the verge of becoming a drug addict. My uncle who has been a close ally through my journey knew this is the point that would decide the course of my life. I respect him a lot and he forced me to an Ayurvedic doctor.

After many conversations, the smart doctor identified my pain points and he started healing the wounds of the past. I cried and screamed, shared my fears, and showed my pain. The doctor was all ears, he treated me with empathy, love, and mentace tablets.

As I let the burden of the past get off me, I felt a sense of lightness. It was not tough to leave alcohol after I just left the deeply ingrained hatred I had for my parents. I did not do drugs, but quitting smoking was the toughest part and I did that too.

Ayurcentral not just restored me to health but it redirected me to the right track! Thank you Ayurcentral!

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