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My forced love marriage | MENTACE | TESTIMONIAL

By Radhika Singh

I moved in with the man I loved not because I was in an inseparable lovey-dovey relationship but because that was the most feasible option in a taxing city like Bangalore. The beginning was the platinum period he cooked and I did the house chores just like we played the games in our childhood. 

But then reality happened. Managing our jobs, handling our insecurities, feeding our egos, and paying the installments of life took a toll on both of us. We were alien to the tantrums of the opposite gender until we lived together and dug the graves together.

As we were getting meshed in the strings of our love-hate relationship, our parents discovered this secret operation we were running. Hell broke in. Lots of screaming and scolding followed by the ultimate resolution – get them married.

I was not prepared for such a big leap, not yet. My career had just begun, I am barely 23 and I am not even sure if I really want to spend the rest of my life with this guy or with a Godzilla in Africa. The very mention of marriage freaked me out.

But I had no good reason to back off as I was already declared guilty. As our parents exchanged pleasantries and talked more and more about the marriage I got more panicked. Little fights turned into big brawls, we could no more stand each other’s sight.

In these circumstances how can I get married to him? And how can I refuse my parents who still believe in the concept of one love for life? They would freak out if I opt out of this marriage, and my mum will sure get a heart attack!

I bunked office, skipped meals, tension was obvious on my face and fatigue evident. My manager who is very close to me took me to her family  Ayurvedic doctor and we tried working out a solution. He addressed my stress with MENTACE tablets and urged me to ask for some time rather than blankly saying no to marriage; Maybe a year or two and that would give me enough time to get clarity.

They gave me time 2 years to be precise, uh… but there is a catch, they convinced me to sign the registered marriage certificate and gave me two years before announcing my marriage to the public!!!

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